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    Discount Vouchers

     Discount vouchers are available to receive a discount or money off your order, a particular product or product range. Discount vouchers can be found in banners at the top of the home page, from leaflets with a previous order, in an e-newsletter or on our Facebook page. We recommend liking our Facebook page as we regularly place discount codes there. If you are ordering for the first time (or if you just haven't used the code yet) you can receive 10% off by using the code: 10FTB

     When you are happy with your order and you click onto the 'checkout' you will be given the option of using a discount code. This is situated in a box below 'Shipping Method', 'Payment Method', and 'Order Summary', ensure you input the code correctly using all upper case and click on 'Apply Coupon' to receive the discount. Discount codes have different limitations, some have a limited time in which they can be used such a weekend or during a season while others are live all the time. Discount codes used after the time has expired can not be used and will not be honoured. Others have a limitation on how many times they can be used, from one time only to unlimited times while the code is active. If you use a one time only code and there is an issue with your order such as a credit/debit card payment not being authorised, the system will not allow you to reuse the code. We will however honour this, so please contact us, so we can reinstate the voucher on your account.

     Some customers use a different email each time they place an order to use the same discount multiple times. We have no problem with customers using this method, however this can result in a couple of issues. Firstly you may receive multiple newsletters to the same email address if you are using the same second level domain (i.e.,, etc). Secondly they will be collecting reward points above the 500 point threshold, but under multiple accounts without the possibility of ever using them. Our suggestion is to contact us if this affects you, we will then happily consolidate your points onto one account.