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    Our Values

    Quality & Safety

    We take quality seriously, using ingredients which are safe and free from contaminants, labels which are clear and correct and using UK based, ISO certified Suppliers and partners.


    Science is constantly evolving as we understand more about nutrition, biology, exercise, disease and illness. We keep updated with the latest research and where possible, and safe to do so, will implement this into new products and formula revisions.


    Our supplements will always contain what is on the label, in a strength which is effective and safe. All products should deliver the intended result, helping to improve health, wellness and performance.

    Value For Money

    Keep good quality nutrition affordable and cost effective. We are not and will not be the cheapest. We will not use inferior substitutes, low active ingredient content or hide behind 'proprietary blends' in order to compete and deceive customers.

    Total Customer Satisfaction

    We are a stakeholder focused company, empowering staff to work towards our mission and values, working with suppliers to ensure quality of products, and gathering customer feedback to ensure constant improvement in working towards total customer satisfaction.