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There is no danger in using a product past its expiry providing it has been stored correctly. The expiry is more of a gurantee regarding potency as there is a small degradation of the active ingredient over time. Once a product reaches its expiry date there is no change in the product. It does not have a built in clock and will continue to be safe to use but may provide slightly less than the stated strength on the package. Recent research on tablets and capsules over 30 years past their expiry showed that 12 out of the 15 tested had over 90% potency!

Sublingual, latin for 'under the tongue', refers to taking a drug or supplement by allowing the active ingredient to diffuse into the blood through tissues under the tongue. Typically, sublingual B12 tablets will contain both a sweetner and flavouring, our B12 tablets contain neither of these but the active ingredient will still be absorbed should one wish to use this method. 

Generally, food supplements should be stored in cool, dry conditions, refrigeration can extend product life. Hot and/or humid conditions may shorten product life.  Always close the lid tightly after use and if consuming the product more than once a day, try to remove the total amount needed for the day at one time. 

SPU measures the activity or potency of the Serrapeptase enzyme based on a specific scientific test. Therefore, SPU is considered the 'active units' of Serrapeptase. "SP" represents Serratiopeptidase and 'U' for Units  

The use of IU, or international units, when describing the activity of their Serrapeptase enzyme supplements is incorrect as IUs are a completely different measurement than SPU or SU. An IU is defined as the quantity of a biological substance that produces a specific biological effect that has been agreed upon as an international standard.  

Although IUs are a measure of potency, they can't be used to describe enzymes. This is because the method for measuring the potency of the Serrapeptase enzyme and other enzymes isn't the same as measuring the potency of a vitamin. For Serrapeptase, it isn't the quantity (usually measured in milligrams or mg) that counts; rather, it is the amount of fibrin or other proteins that Serrapeptase can break down or digest that determines its potency.

We do not use enteric coating because they contain phthalates. The European Directive prohibits the use of phthalates in childrens toys. Phthalates are primarily used in plastics and now phthalates are being phased out in many countries due to the toxic and harmful effects and should not be consumed.

The original research that was produced back in the 1950s was based on animal enzymes, but the new plant based enzymes are resistant to stomach acid.

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