Why Phoenix Nutrition?

Amongst the many supplement ‘companies’ now operating online, Phoenix Nutrition has always sought to differentiate its products from the majority. Back in 2012 we started selling vitamins and minerals we noticed there was a demand for nootropic products. Most of these were being sold in powder form by people who were not local authority registered and most likely operated out of their kitchen with minimal oversight. This was a market that deserved to be served better and we responded by being the first UK company to manufacture and sell 10mg Noopept tablets. These were an immediate success and made dosing much easier compared to measuring a dose with a micro scoop. We further expanded this range with products including sulbutiamine, Centrophenoxine and Phenibut. 

With the introduction of the highly restrictive and controversial Psychoactive Substances Act which essentially made it illegal to sell ANY substance that could have a psychoactive effect on the body, beneficial or otherwise with the exemption of Nicotine and Alcohol, the Governments favourite tax cash cows and far more damaging to people’s health then the nootropic compounds consequently caught up under this sweeping legislation. 

Other limitations on which products we are able to market such include the Novel Foods requirements of acquiring authorisation to sell any product that had not been on sale prior to 1997 which includes basis ingredients such as new forms of creatine and magnesium, and the Traditional Herbal Registration both of which can cost £30,000 plus per products to gain ‘marketing approval’ for products that have been in use for years, sometimes hundreds of years.

Although limited by this excessive bureaucracy, Phoenix Nutrition strives to make available innovative and beneficial products at a sensible price. We are able to achieve this by negotiating prices on the raw materials direct with the manufacture, manufacturing the products inhouse and utilising foil pouches which reduces postage costs without cutting on quality.   

Of note are a particular range of products that we are most proud of:

Chelated Minerals

The word chelate means to create a ring like complex or ‘to grab and bond to’. The mineral ingredients we use in our products are bonded with chains of amino acids. The human body is very efficient at absorbing amino acids, by bonding a mineral such as magnesium with an amino acid, the magnesium element is equally well absorbed. Glycine, for example is readily absorbed across the intestinal wall, by combing this compound with elemental magnesium to create Magnesium Bisglycinate or Magnesium Glycinate you create a form of magnesium that is not broken down in the digestive process but is instead absorbed into the body and carried to your cells.

Methyl Folate

Methyl folate is a bioavailable form of folate that is superior to folic acid. Most people do not realise that folic acid is not a vitamin but a synthetic chemical which is processed by the body to create folate which is the correct term for this particular vitamin.  This conversion from folic acid to the active folate form requires a number of processes and enzymes which are controlled by our genes. Around one third of the worlds population has a variant which alters this process with around 10% being affected