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    Using the Discount Code

    Using the Discount Code

    At we are constantly trying to provide the best value for high quality nutritional supplements and this includes discounts on specific products as well as sale events. To take advantage of these offers you will need to use the discount code provided before making payment to receive the final reductions on your order.


    This is a simple step, and no matter at what stage of your shopping experience you are at, even if half way during the checkout process, just click on the ‘Your Basket’ tag in the top right hand corner of the page, go to ‘View Basket’ and in the bottom left of your basket you will be prompted to input your discount code. Please note that some codes are product specific and you will need the product in your basket for the code to work and codes are case sensitive (Always upper case)


    If you are a new customer don’t forget to use the code: 10FTB for 10% off your order. When signing up don’t forget to tick yes to the newsletter to receive our latest offers and news. If you haven’t already, like us on facebook for our special flash sales information.

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