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August 14, 2020

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What is a Morning Routine?

A morning routine should consist of actions or tasks you have set yourself to follow, which can add structure to your day, increase productivity and reduce stress levels. It is important to start the day off on a positive note, as this can set the tone for the rest of the day.

Without a routine you can be left rushed, flustered and stressed which can have a negative impact on your day. Everyone has different lives and circumstances, so you should tailor a routine to your own life and make sure it works for you.

Adding a morning routine to your lifestyle will be a great help to motivate you and fill you with confidence, which will help you feel like are ready to take on the day with a positive attitude. 

Plan your day 

When your prepare something beforehand, it can often make the initial task easier and shave off some time.

In order to make the most of your morning, it would be beneficial to plan and prepare tasks the night before, this means you can wake up with the day planned out. It may be that you lack motivation and need a push in the right direction, when it comes to this, setting a plan or goal to work towards the next day can help motivate you and also leave you feeling accomplished once this has been achieved. Also, if you go to sleep early, you can set your alarm for earlier the next day, giving you the same amount of hours sleep but with more time in the morning to be productive.

Make sure to plan in a morning walk before breakfast, so the night before you can set your shoes & gym clothes to the side and get your water bottle ready to fill up. This will also prompt you to engage in some exercise that will benefit your physical & mental health and can increase your energy & alertness.

The first time may be daunting as it is not part of your usual routine, but this will help you get into a positive mindset that can benefit you and become a healthy habit. To build a healthy habit you need to commit to something for 30 days, so if you continue to prepare and plan a ‘morning walk’ everyday for 30 days, it will suddenly become second nature and something you will automatically want to do.

As well as planning an activity for the next day, you can also plan and prepare your meals, or at least make sure the place settings are laid out on your table and utensils are ready to use.
Many people that lead a busy lifestyle need to plan-ahead, which can include meal prepping. This takes out the stress of cooking a meal after a long day and can also give you something to look forward to after work.

When it comes to meal prepping, you are in control of what you eat for the duration of the week. This can help you make a healthier choice at the beginning of the week which you can stick to as it’s already prepared, all you need to do is either heat it up or enjoy chilled, depending on the meal.
If you prepare meals in advance this can leave more time for another task or even some down time for yourself, as everyone needs quiet time.

Eat a Healthy Balanced Meal

It’s important to start the day with a breakfast filled with fibre, protein, minerals and vitamins, these work together to boost your productivity as you will feel fuller for longer and will be full of energy.
When it comes to morning meals or snacks, avoid sugar, as this intake can cause a blood sugar crash during the day, leaving you feeling tired & fatigued.
Try to include the following foods in your breakfast:

Fibre rich whole grains (Wholemeal bread): These can help maintain stable blood sugars and avoid an energy crash during the day

Lean Protein (Eggs, turkey, chicken, smoked salmon): These can provide you with healthy omega 3 fats that will fill you up. Eggs alone are good for cognitive function and can boost brain health.

Fruit (Blueberries, Watermelon): Fruit is known to be a healthy staple which we should include 5 a day of in our diet. Blueberries & watermelon contain antioxidants which help eliminate free radicals from your body and both help with cognitive function.

By combining some of these foods into your morning meal, you are already setting yourself up for a productive day. To make it easier you can use these choices to plan your weekly breakfast choices beforehand, giving you more time each morning to enjoy a nutritional breakfast, rather than rushing and grabbing the easiest item you can find.

Move your Body & Hydrate

Even if you have planned out your morning or day this doesn’t mean that you should spend that extra time in bed, especially scrolling through social media, instead, you can utilise this time to move your body and hydrate.
Your body has been still and deprived of fluids for hours while you sleep, so in the morning it is important to drink some water to hydrate your body of the fluids it’s missed out on overnight, this goes for movement too.
Something as simple as 5-minute yoga can help wake up your muscles and give you chance to wake up naturally.
Many people use yoga to improve their mental health, as well as being a form of exercise, yoga can help reduce stress, increase flexibility and help detox the body from within. Just 5 minutes each morning can make an impact on your day, by giving you time to relax, be at one with your thoughts and help wake up your body.

Set yourself Tasks

We previously mentioned about working towards goals or creating a task to try and complete each morning, i.e a morning walk.
This doesn’t have to stop there, waking up each morning and knowing what your day will entail will leave you more relaxed and prepared.
You can use this method to push you to complete some housework, work related tasks or fitness routines. If you have something you are dreading to do, the best thing is to tackle it head on and get it out the way, leaving you with a clearer head and a feeling of accomplishment.
So, as part of your morning routine, make sure to include that pesky task that you can’t wait to get completed, it could be as simple as a huge load of washing, answering some work emails or re-organising a room. Once you have got it out the way, you can carry on with a clear head.

So, by planning out your day, you can reduce your stress levels and have something to look forward to. Try and alter your routine to include these tasks and see how it benefits you and your lifestyle.

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