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Our Mission

Our mission is providing, improving and optimising nutritional supplements, using innovation to make us the no.1 speciality supplement company. We, like our customers, know how the right nutrition can help you perform better, think faster, live healthier and feel good inside, which is why we design and formulate our own products based on current research and science. As each generation lives longer, while facing the increasing pressures of modern life, we feel it is important to optimise healthspan, living not just a long life, but one of vitality. Nutrition plays a key role in healthspan but invariably requires higher levels than the basic RDA’s. Our range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbal extracts, probiotics and more use optimum levels of ingredients to maximise effectiveness providing value for money without compromise on service and quality.

Quality Assurance

We understand how important trust is when deciding where to purchase your supplements which is why Phoenix Nutrition is committed to ensuring quality is at the heart of every process. No one cares more about our products then we do, which is why we work closely with our suppliers to ensure quality standards are adhered to.

All ingredients are sourced from accredited suppliers, where each batch is tested on receipt to confirm identity and analysed for additives, adulteration, heavy metals and bacteria guaranteeing quality from the start. Choice of ingredient is equally important, using chelated minerals, bioactive vitamins, standardised extracts and patented compounds wherever possible and always non GMO.

Ingredients are then processed by an ISO certified company, using GMP guidelines in a clean and sterile facility to prevent contamination. Each batch is recorded and fully traceable and handled by trained, food hygiene certified operatives.

All finished products will proudly display clear nutritional information, ingredients, elemental weight of minerals and active content of extracts as part of our full label disclosure promise

Our Values

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