Phoenix Raw

Pure pharma grade ingredients, unadulterated and free of any additives, fillers or bulking agents.

Guaranteed to be the best source for those looking for more control and customisation in their supplementation. Ideal for adding to drinks, capsules etc they come in convenient letterbox friendly packs.

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Phoenix Core

A full range of vitamins, minerals and supplements for your health and fitness requirements.

We use bio active forms of ingredients to ensure superior absorption and at a strength which makes it effective.

We then package them in food grade re-sealable Mylar pouches to keep them fresher for longer as well as being convenient and letterbox friendly.

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Phoenix Optimum

The Optimum range was developed for those who demand more from their supplements.

We take the guess work out of the equation and have created formulas which work synergistically as well as avoiding the need to take a multitude of tablets.

Phoenix Optimum is your best choice for well-balanced vitamin, energy and nootropic stacks.

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Why Phoenix Nutrition ?

Phoenix Nutrition Reward PointsWelcome to Phoenix Nutrition, after 2 years of continued growth we have listened to your needs and are now pleased to introduce our brand new website. All your favourite nutritional supplements are here, including some exciting new formulas and compounds.

Improvements have also been made behind the scenes to offer even better customer service, same day dispatch up to 5pm and a loyalty reward scheme as a thank you to all or customers new and old.

As the Phoenix brand continues to grow, I look forward to building a personal rapport with many of you while delivering the products and service you expect.

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James Lewis, Founder

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